What to expect

What to expect when you come to your first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.

What to wear:  Shorts and a t-shirt or rash guard is fine for your first class.  It's good to have a big drink of water and a good feed an hour before you arrive.  Bring water with you as well.  You will need to get a gi in the following weeks.  The gi is a very important part of our discipline and training.

When you arrive:  You will be welcomed by the instructor who will explain the rules of the dojo.  

When class starts the students' line up in order of belt ranking.  The students' all bow to the instructor when class starts.  

The format of most classes are as follows.

15 minute warm up which includes calisthenics and tumbling exercises.
Our learning session runs approximately 30 minutes.
We move on to situational drills. Then sparring once a student has achieved an appropriate skill level. Time 15 minutes.

We line up the same as in the beginning of class.  We bow and finish with the students' shaking the instructors hand.