Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Training Update:

Tuesdays class started out with a review of Saturdays techniques.  We went over the 2 sweeps form turtle position then we progressed to the Crucifix attack.  After reviewing the attack Aidan wanted to work on his signature Komodo Dragon choke.   We decided that using the knee pull to isolate the arm that we were doing in the Crucifix choke was a perfect technique to set on the Komodo Dragon choke.  It worked like a charm.

The new technique for the day was a different mount escape.  It involves using 2 hands on the opponents arm and hip escaping to catch the leg for a stand up.  It's really good to have 3 or more options to escape from being mounted.

The video below shows the escape we worked on today.  The others are good ones as well.  It's pretty cool that we have the same color mats as well as this professor.

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