Saturday, 9 December 2017

A great day for BJJ

Thanks to everyone that came out today for a a hot training session.

We started our warm  up in the usual way and than switched to see who could remember the new animal we practiced last week.  Olivia was the winner.  We reviewed and did the Seal movement across the mats.  The Seal is an excellent exercise for the back and triceps muscles.  I asked if someone could give me the name of their favorite animal and it was Olivia that was the quickest to name her's.  She called out the worm.   So we did the worm across the mats.  Now it was my turn to call an animal.  I called out the frog jump and after that one we did the spider forwards and backwards then finished with the Elephant walk.

It was time for a quick drink of water and then straight into reviewing our guard sweeps.  Everyone worked the hip bump sweep and the scissor sweep.  I'm very pleased to see everyone show a good technical foundation especially with the scissor sweep.

The new technique today was to have a submission attack directly after performing the sweep.  For the scissor sweep we changed our collar grip setup for same side grip to a cross collar grip.  The sweep is to go in the direction of the cross collar grip and the sleeve grip.  The cross collar grip is palm up and must be deep.  Once the sweep is finished the student is now in the mount with one had already in position for a lapel choke.  All that needs to happen now is for the person on top to take their free hand and slide it deep in the the collar on the opposite side.  Now Squeeze the hand like wringing out a sponge and flex your wrists making sure to keep your elbows in tight.  Now lean forward and put your head on the mat.  If you have your grips deep and your wrists are used correctly you will get the submission every time. 

We discussed the elusive invisible Jiu Jitu today.  There are so many small details that aren't readily apparent in all of our defensive and offensive techniques. We ended our training with a nice quiet stretch. 

I want to say thanks to all the parents for bringing their children in to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with me and Aidan.  My experience with Aidan and myself has taught me that BJJ will make us physically and mentally stronger.  I thoroughly enjoy watching everyone's progress. 

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