Saturday, 16 June 2018

Saturday training update

Good day everyone
Turtle Position

Today we had a new student join us.  He joined in and everybody was very welcoming.

Today was our second class on back attack.

We started with the Crazy Horse game.  Each student had to take my back and stay on whilst I moved around the mat.  This drill is to learn the importance of strong hooks, seat belt grip and proper head position.  This game is always a hit.

Back Mount

We drilled moving on top of our partner whilst they are in turtle position.  We drilled with hands behind the back and then with hands on our partners back.  We moved onto rolling the person in turtle over by using the seat belt grip and proper leg position to take the back.

Everyone is equiped with enough tools now to start some sparring.  In BJJ we call it rolling.  For children the rounds are 3 minutes long.  Great fun was hand by all that rolled today.  It was so much fun that we extended class to continue with more matches.  Great work and sportsmanship everyone.  Well done.

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