Saturday, 7 July 2018

Saturday morning at the dojo

We had 2 new students come out for a try.  I hope they both enjoyed their first class with us.  The first to arrive was Hendrick.  He is new to BJJ and really enjoyed getting going with the class.  The second to arrive was Rossi.  She has just moved from the US and is a yellow belt from a Gracie Barra gym in Georgia.  Her father is a purple belt so I naturally recommended that he come out to Auckland BJJ Epsom for a roll.  Rossi had some really technical rolls with Aidan and the other students.  We look forward to training again with Hendrick and Rossi.

We worked on how to take down a person that bear hugs us today.  It was a good introduction for our newer students and a chance for the older students to revisit the technique.  We will be working the bear hug defense a lot the next few weeks.  This is one of the common tactics I've seen bullies using on the school grounds along with the headlock.

We will be continuing to train during the school break.  Our class times will remain the same.  I look forward to seeing you all on the mats.

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