Saturday, 10 November 2018

Phase one of the Bully chain is complete!

Two awesome classes today at Auckland Kids Bjj.

Our Junior class did a fantastic job putting together the first phase of the Bully chain.  My leg is sore from being kicked by everyone.  Not to worry it's a good sore feeling.

In our junior warm up session I had the students pick their favorite animals.  The first one picked was the Tuatara and then the Scorpion.  I was pleased that they picked 2 of the newest and higher difficulty exercises.  Good work Junior team for going for after the hard work.

Our Senior class completed phase one of the Bully chain as well.  We added a backward roll option when they are pushed to the ground.

The class was taught the collar drag exercise drill as part of their warm up.  Everyone is learning fast and we are getting more technical with every class.  Well done to everyone.

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