Saturday, 11 May 2019

Our first competition rolling session

We had 2 fantastic classes this morning.  We challenged our students to 2 new movements in our warm up. We worked on a take down to prepare the students that want to compete in June.  I was impressed with how quickly everyone learnt the technique.  More practice is needed and I'm confident this take down will be a permanent addition to their BJJ tool box.

Our rolling session went very well.  We had 3 matches going at the same time.  this meant that everyone got to roll multiple times with a wide range of partners.  our senior belts showed some excellent techniques and our newer students surprised me by using what they had learnt so far in their matches.

We couldn't of had such an awesome rolling session without the help of Michael and Raphael.  I really appreciate the help.

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  1. It's been really cool to see how well the kids remember the gi-specific techniques after training no-gi for such a long time!


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