Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Tuesday's armbar session part 2 and Auckland BJJ Graduation

My new stripe
Today we made our armbar form the mount position look smooth and controlled.  Everyone showed great focus and technique drilling the attack.  We finished by showing another option for the mounted armbar.  We did an introduction to the armbar from mount that allows us to stay on top instead of rolling back.  This is the preferred self defence option.  It enables you to get up quickly after the attack.   New concepts take time to smooth out however I'm confidant everyone will have the new option sharp and tight in a few more classes.

Aidan helping to place the mats.

Aidan and I attended the Auckland BJJ graduation last night.  The evening was fantastic.  There was a huge turn out and a lot of people we awarded their next belt.  We had a long rolling session before the grading.  Aidan got in 4 solid rounds with some very technical partners.  If was great to see him enjoying the rolling and socializing with everyone.  Well done Aidan!
Auckland BJJ 

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