Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Graduation 29-06-2019

Another fantastic graduation for Auckland Kids BJJ!

For those that weren't able to attend don't worry.  We will catch everyone up when they return from holiday or illness.  It was a tough term with everyone getting sick including myself.

Jamie, Oliver's dad, was our photographer again for our graduation.  He took another set of fantastic photos of the team.  Thanks so much for volunteering your time to help us out.

Thanks to Serge and Stuart for coming out on a Saturday morning. Their support is crucial in making our development.  Stuart recently received his 2nd degree for his black belt.  This means he's now able to award the black belt to those in our adult school that are ready.  It's very important that we have a level of competency with our students that progress to a higher belt. Serge, Stuart and I are members of the IBJJF.  The IBJJF holds their members to a very high standard.  You are welcome to visit the site and have a read about the organisation.

In New Zealand the competitions use the SJJIF rules.  I've added a page to our site that has a video and pdf of the rules for those who wish to compete.

Now for the fun part.

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