Sunday, 1 March 2020

Saturday Super Rolling Session

Our youngest students work hard on learning the hip bump sweep.  A few more class and they will have it nailed.  We ended their session with a fun hopping game.  All were tried at the end.

Our senior class was introduced to the arm drag.  More time is needed for this one.  We changed gears and did in introduction to the single leg using teep kick to the thigh to setup the entry.  Everyone got the final bit of the take down. We still need to perfect the footwork.  

Our rolling session was epic.  Everyone displayed a level of technique that surprised me.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the boys and girls show off what the have learnt.  I'm equally impressed with the students that rolled with much smaller and newer students.  I'm proud to see that you rolled to their level.  That's what it's all about.  Give a little take a little and learn a lot! No bullying partners in our sessions. Great work team!

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