Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Tuesday Training Jiu Jitsu Self-Defence

New class added:

We are opening 2 new classes on Wednesday the 25th.  Same times as Tuesday.  This will allow us to take on more students as well as have smaller class sizes.  Aidan and I are looking forward to the new days and meeting new students.

Tuesday techniques:
We worked on a new self defense technique.  How to counter someone grabbing your hair.  We worked through 2 options and an alternate if one of the options fail. 
This scenario is highly likely when girls fight on the street.  We want our girls and boys to feel confident through training do deal with an aggressor.  This was a fun technique to learn.  Great job team.

Our younger students were introduced to sprawling .  We play sprawl on the ball.  I was impressed how our students showed that they have good balance.  Well done!
We moved on to test their back attack skills.  We had a great round of Crazy Horse.  Everyone stayed on the horse like glue.  The back attack is looking fantastic.

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