Saturday, 25 November 2017

Training Report

What a fantastic training session we all had today.  I to to thank both the parent helpers today.  I hope you guys enjoy helping the kids as much as I enjoy teaching them.  You're always welcome.

We reviewed 2 of our mount escape/sweeps.  After the review we worked on maintaining the mount position.  Everyone learned how to grapevine the legs and make themselves heavy by applying body weight and leverage.  After some intense drilling we moved onto a positional game.

King of the mat!  The person on the bottom had to escape the mount whilst the person on top had to progress to the high mount a demonstrate control of the person on the bottom.  The winner stays in for the next challenger.  I want to congratulate Olivia for escaping the mount of the older boys.  She showed us all that with proper technique and leverage a smaller person can overcome a bigger adversary.  Well done Olivia?

Auckland Kids BJJ

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  1. We love your classes. You are awesome at working with kids and great techniques too. Thank you.


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