Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Training Report - New Student!

Good day everyone

Today Olivia brought her friend along to class.  Livia did a fantastic job on her first day. We warmed up with some running and then moved onto the basic animals. We did the worm, frog jump, gorilla and elephant walk.

We went right into mount escape.  The girls worked very well together whilst drilling the mount escape.  The progress went so well that I was able to teach Livia the hip bump sweep.  This makes the drilling much more fun.  The mounted person sweeps and ends up in the guard.  the person in guard than hip bump sweeps.  This allows the drill to flow without having to take time to reset.

We did a little grip braking after drilling the mount.  The grip breaking techniques can't be practiced enough!

We finished with a good stretch to cool down.

On Livia's first day she learned:

Mount escape
Closed guard
Hip bump sweep
2 ways to break a grip

I'm reminded every class why I love teaching children BJJ.  The look on their faces when they see that they can do it and they realise how much fun they can have makes me proud to be their instructor.

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