Saturday, 23 December 2017

Competition schedule for 2018

For those how want to compete in 2018 we will be tailoring our training for the competitions.  The first event in Auckland is on April the 7th and is a no gi contest.  

Classes will be no gi to get ready for the competition.  We will be focusing on self defense,strategies for the upcoming matches and the rules of the game.  

Attire for class will be a rashy top and spats and shorts.  This is what the students will wear at the comp as well.

It's not mandatory to compete.  If you child shows an interest in competing than that's great.  If don't want to compete that is great too.  They will be part of our junior training camp for their team mates.  Either way they will learn a lot in the coming months.

Training resumes January 2nd.  Let's make the most of it and bring home some medals. 

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