Saturday, 6 January 2018

First training in 2018

Happy New Year to all.

Today was a lot of fun.  We are training no gi to get ready for the upcoming NZ Grappler competition and work on our self defense.

We worked through everybody's favorite animals in our warm up.

The position we worked on today was side control.   We worked through 3 side control positions.  The drilling went well and everyone learned how to have a heavy hip.

We played a game to mark getting side control a little more real.  The game was Crawlers and Chasers.  What a fun game.  The crawlers starts about 5 meters from the chaser.  We count to three and go.  The goal is for the chaser to role over the crawler and get a side control position.  Everyone did a really great job.

Crawlers and Chasers

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