Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Training Report

Summer is here!

The hot weather is upon us!  It's a good time to have a conversation on how to deal with the heat whilst training.

Firstly anytime you plan on taking a class it is advisable to have a light meal and a big drink of water an hour before hitting the mats.  I've seen students suffer, me included, when they don't look after their hydration and food intake before training.

Student's will be allowed to take water breaks.  Anytime a student wants to leave the mat for anything they must ask the instructor.  This helps me know where everyone is at all times.

One thing that helps with the heat and sweat is a rash guard.  The rash guard helps cool the body, protect your skin from rubbing against the gi and is more hygienic than a soaking wet t-shirt.  I recommend rashy shorts or spats as well.   Italia Sportswear Outlet at Dressmart, Onehunga has children's sizes and the prices are reasonable.  The rash guards below are an example of what can be found at Dressmart.  If you want to by a different brand or something with a cool design go for it.

A new rash guard must be washed at least twice before using it for training.  When we get sweaty the dye will bleed and stain the mats.  A couple of washes sets the dye.

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