Saturday, 2 December 2017

Training Report

What a great feeling to be training in this beautiful weather.  It feels great to work up a sweat.

December is all about guard position. 

Today we worked on sweeps from the guard.  We started with the hip bump sweep.  All the students learned the drill to build muscle memory and speed as well as being able to preform the seep motion in both directions.  Once everyone had confidence in the drill we progressed to completing the sweep.  After working the sweep for a bit we added the mount escape to give some flow to the exercise.  This flow technique eliminates the necessity to reset every time.  Working smart to maximize our training time.

Since everyone did such a great job with the hip bump it was time  to learn another sweep from the guard.  Our next sweep was the scissor sweep.  It was a little slow going in the beginning which is to be expected.  The scissor sweep as more moving parts than the hip bump.  After about 15 minutes of working the sweep it started to click.

King of the Mat!

We had a great king of the mat session at the end of class.  It's so important to apply the techniques learned in class in a sparring situation.  Great job everyone.  I love the enthusiasm and the sportsmanship that everyone displayed today.

BJJ closed guard position

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