Saturday, 20 January 2018

Saturday at the Dojo

Three of a perfect pair for training today.

The boys learned a new mount escape today.  It took a bit of work, but we got there in the end.  There are a few more steps in the new escape.  This technique will prove to beuseful in competition with some more practice.  We will review the technique Tuesday.

I will have the BJJ Game Plan document for everyone Tuesday.  This will allow the students to sit and think about what techniques they have learned and in what scenarios they would put them into practice.  We can do it as group in class.  I did this brain storming with Aidan last year and it was a huge eye opener of how much Jiu Jitsu he has learned. 

Here is a challenge for our students

Aidan and I have been doing a push up challenge.

We started with 10 push up before bed. The next night we did 11 and the next we did 12 and so on.  The goal is to get to 30.

The push up should be done  slowly and with proper technique.  It is better to start from the knees and use good technique and when your strength grows move to your toes.  Check out the video below for some tips on getting it right.

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