Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Training report

Tuesday afternoon training we had a good refresher in the backward break fall.  After break falls we went onto work on 2 take downs.

We practiced our Maui Thai clinch and worked on having good position and moment to create opportunities for a take down.

The first one we drilled was the knee tap.  This is a very effective and simple take down.  Everyone went well with this one.  We moved onto the Kosoto Gari.  This take down is another simple and effective take down.  We will be drilling both of these take downs often to make them a reflex reaction.  With take downs timing is key.  They must be setup by moving your opponent to create the opportunity to attack whilst they are vulnerable.

We finished up with a very active king of the mat game.  I was impressed that everyone worked their sweeps well.  Hip bump was the go to sweep of the game.

Kosoto Gari

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  1. Good job team Auckland kids jiujitsu! Keep going ;)


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