Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tuesday training report

It was dad and lad day at the dojo.  Everyone opted to stay home with the storm approaching.

We worked on 3 mount attacks.  the first one was the high mount armbar.  The review of this attack went smoothly and the confidence Aidan has in this attack was good to witness as he had my arm bending the wrong direction. Next we reviewed the Americana and remembering to grapevine at least one leg to shutdown a sweep attempt.  The Americana has earned a solid spot in the tool box.  We played with the s mount armbar however we decided to work that armbar and stay on top.  It took a little more work to get this one looking sharp.  We nailed it after drilling repeatedly.  

Once we accomplished our armbar work I showed Aidan a sweep from side control.  When he was rolling last Saturday he started working the sweep not knowing that he was doing the right things.  He just need the final piece of the puzzle to make it work. It will need a little time with an opponent his size to add it to his tool box.

See you all Saturday.

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