Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Tuesday training report

Good day everyone

It was good to see a new student give it a try this Tuesday.  We hope he enjoyed our class and will continue his BJJ journey with us.

We are working hard on mount escape at the moment.  Our goal is to have 3 ways to escape the mount in our toolboxes.  We reviewed the first 2 options and then moved on to a situational sparring game. 

King of the mat is a fun way to make the training more intense.  Everyone showed that they were getting the concept.  Everyone also realized that when the game starts it's much harder to escape the mount.  This is where Olivia showed that a small person with the correct technique can escape from a much larger opponent. 

We'll continue our mount work this week.  We'll be moving on to our next phase of training next week.

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