Saturday, 21 April 2018

What a fantastic Graduation we had today

Stuart and Serge both visited us today for the graduation.  We honoured to welcome them into our Dojo. 

We started out with our normal warm up and moved into our mount escape work.  We worked 2 options today and will continue with a 3rd in our next class.  These mount escape techniques and drilling will be a permanent part of our Jiu Jitsu journey.

Now for the graduation highlights.

Aidan has earned his Yellow belt.  He showed a warrior spirit at the no gi competition and had 2 had matches.  He bought home a silver medal.  We are all very proud of Aidan's had work leading up to the competition. Keep up the great work!

Olivia earned her grey belt.  Olivia showed her bravery at her first competition.  She had 2 hard matches and fought hard.  Olivia has learned the intensity needed to compete and what she needs to work on for the next competition.  Olivia showed a warrior spirit in her matches and did not give up.  Well done!

Oscar earned a second stripe today.  He has discovered that what he has learnt so far is working well for him when he spars with the team.  Oscar's has become more focused in class and in enjoying drilling with his team mates.  Great job!

Pietro earned his first stripe today. He has been training well and has had increased focus.  He has found that the techniques in his toolbox are working for him whilst sparring.  Pietro enjoys our sparring sessions and I'm very pleased to see him learning how to take control of his opponent.  Excellent work!

At the end of the graduation Stuart surprised everyone by pulling a brown belt out of is gi.  I was speechless.  I wasn't expecting to have a brown belt in the near future, yet there it was in front of me.  Thank you Auckland BJJ, Stuart and Serge for giving me a home to continue my Jiu Jitsu journey.  I'm overwhelmed by the support they both have given me and our kids school.   Thank you to all of the team at Auckland BJJ for being such awesome people and wicked training partners. 

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