Saturday, 18 August 2018

Super awesome training day

Today was our first juniors class and as expected we had a great turn out and a super focused group. Well done junior team!

Our goal was to work on taking the back using our seat belt grip and strong hooks.  We played the crazy horse game to test our students on how well they can keep the position. As expected the crazy horse test was a hit with the students. We went over the safety rules when taking the back.  I can't emphasize enough the importance of not pulling your opponent straight back once you have taken their back.

Our next technique was to learn a submission.  We started a good introduction of the lapel choke from the back.  More work to be done however every student learned a lot today and with the new class format things will be progressing quicker.

Our senior class was super awesome as well.  We worked on the same techniques and all the boys and girls nailed it. We've been working a chain of positions and the back take is the last one for this group.  Our chain consists of side control to knee on the belly then slide to mount.  If the person that is mounted rolls then the back take is executed.  This chain will give the newer students tools in their tool box to start rolling.  The goal is to have technical sparring which will start very soon for our newer students.

I'm very proud of everyone for their focus and can do attitude today.  Splitting the class by age group has had the desired effect we needed.  I'm looking forward to many more fantastic classes.


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