Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Tuesday's chain drill session

What a great class.  everyone was thrilled to work on the back attack positions and extremely happy to work on their first lapel choke submission.

Ok so here is how the chain drill works.  The student starting on top in side control progresses to knee on the belly.  After a mental 3 count they slide into mount.  The mounted student starts to roll and the top student changes to technical mount then secures seat belt control.  Now the student on top rolls their opponent and sets their hooks.  Once control is established it's time for the lapel submission.

Watching everyone's ability and confidence in working through this positions is very rewarding for me.  The hard work of drill each position over the last several weeks has paid off and demonstrates everyone's ability to adapt to new concepts in Jiu Jitsu.   It won't be long before we start learning the second chain drill.  It will definitely be a hit with the team.

Thanks again to all the parents that help out and thanks for the support we get from all the parents.  We couldn't do it without you.

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