Saturday, 15 September 2018

Saturday fun at the dojo

Don't mess with this guy!
The weather was so nice in the dojo this morning.  It felt so good to break a sweat during the warm up. 

Our junior students worked on grip breaking techniques today.  We covered 3 ways to break the the lapel grip.  Once everyone had a good grasp of the techniques we went situational to make it more real.  Everyone had a great time moving and breaking with their training partner.  Way to go junior team.

Our senior team class learned 2 take downs from the knees to begin their rolling.  We had done a lot of work previously on our chain of movements.  Today the reward for everyone working so hard on the chain drills was an intense rolling session.  It was rewarding to me to see the team use what they have learnt whilst rolling.  Miller was on fire today.  He has progressed quickly and was moving extremely well in his matches.  Great work you guys and girls.

What a pair!
I want to give a special shout out to Eric and Olivia.  Olivia has been training with me and Aidan since she was four years old.

Her younger brother Eric has joined our junior class and is enjoying every minute.  It's great to have a family that all train BJJ!

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