Saturday, 22 September 2018

Auckland Kids Bjj Graduation 22/09/2018

We had a great turn out to our graduation ceremony this morning.  I want to thank all the parents for your support.  We wouldn't have such a great team without you.  A huge round of thanks goes to Stuart and Serge for taking the time to come out for our graduation.  Their guidance has been instrumental in the success of our dojo.

Now for the fun part.  We had our junior 9:00am class as usual.  We finished up at 9:45 and welcomed our senior team onto the mats.  After a brief warm up we lined up and got straight into giving stripes.  Once we finished with the stripes I revealed the secret that I was teasing the class with all morning.  Since we had 3 instructors we had a small competition session for all who wanted to roll.  We had a lot of rounds and everyone put their skill on display for all to see.  It's very rewarding for me to see the class using what they have learnt with great effect.  I'm looking forward to many more action pack classes. 

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