Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Tuesday's arm bar session

Silent Warriors
What a great training session.  We worked on 2 arm bars.  First Aidan showed his favorite, the far side arm bar from knee on the belly.  This one is always a crowd pleaser because of its quick and dynamic motion.  Once everyone had a basic understanding of that arm bar we changed gears and worked on the arm bar from closed guard.  This one was a little more challenging for the group.  Everyone needed a bit of time to learn the swinging motion be able to throw their leg over and complete the submission.  More drilling will be needed however I'm confident that within a few more sessions we will have the attack looking sharp.

We will be learning arm bars from several positions over the next weeks.  Our students are very excited about the transition from positional work to attacks.  I am very happy with everyone's progress.  Keep up the great work guys. 

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