Saturday, 20 July 2019

Saturday refresh and new technique

Today we did a quick review of our armbar from the mounted position.  I was impressed to see that everyone remember all the details of the submission.  It's looking like our team have fallen in love with the armbar from mount. 

The next technique we introduced today was the armbar from the closed guard position.  We started by doing a drill to get the swing motion working and move our body into the right position for the attack.  After everyone had a basic idea of how the drill worked we moved onto learn the armbar.  I expect we will be polishing this submission for a while to get it fully programmed into our students tool box.  Today was an excellent start.  Well done team.

Every armbar our students learn for the sport aspect of BJJ can also be used in a self defense situation.  This attack has many variations and can be applied form nearly every position in our game.

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