Saturday, 3 August 2019

A cold Saturday morning on the mats

We arrived at the Dojo early and boy it was cold.  We did a quick tidy up and got ready for the students to arrive. 

We made a ring of belts for the younger students to have a morning stretch when they arrive. The belts are all Aidan's except for one white belt which is mine.  They represent the journey Aidan has been on whilst learning Jiu Jitsu. 

We went right into working our arm bar drill and arm bar from the guard technique.  We are progressing nicely and I expect in a few more class our students will have a good working understanding of the technique.

We had a great rolling session after class.  The skill level of everyone is increasing with every session.  It's absolutely wonderful to see the team use the techniques they have learnt in the session.  The matches are looking more technical with every training. 

Our training camp kids!

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