Sunday, 8 November 2020

Saturday Training Report ***Headstand Challenge***

Our Juniors continue to impress on Saturday mornings.  The line up and warm up are looking fantastic.  We worked on the bridge high throw low mount escape.  Everyone took to it quickly.  We progressed to some situational work with the escape.  Everyone enjoyed using some power to escape and to maintain the top position.  

Our Seniors have been working on grip fighting and take downs.  Our warm up was light grip fighting and then progressed into finishing with a take down.  

Our rolling session was super athletic. I'm very happy with everyone's technique and sportsmanship.  We've been getting video of the rolling sessions.  Aidan and I want to put together a highlights video of everyone.  It's early days however we have some great footage already.

We had another head stand challenge.  Enjoy the video below.

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