Sunday, 31 January 2021

Training Update! Auckland Kids BJJ Self Defense!

What a beautiful Saturday morning for BJJ self defense training!

Our Junior team worked on mount escape and hip bump sweep. This is one of the many fundamentals that must be mastered in our self defense training.   I was very impressed with the teams focus.  Everyone including our new students picked up the techniques quickly.  Our next step is to and some resistance to improve technique and confidence with the escape and sweep.

Our Senior team worked on the Anaconda strangle.  Firstly we worked on a drill to learn how to move when we have our opponent in the turtle position.  Next step was to learn the strangle!  At first we had a few students struggling with getting the tap.  After some guidance we were getting constant tap outs from everyone.  The next step was achieving the entry whilst moving around their turtled partner.  We will be working this setup more next week to get everyone confidant with it.  I look forward to seeing it in next weeks sparring sessions.

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