Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Summer Submission Series Continues

We will be continuing our submission work up until the no gi competition.  We started out with the Anaconda.  Our next submission will be the rear naked choke "RNC", or "Mata Leao" which loosely translates to "Lion Killer".  For most of our students the RNC will be a refresher to reinforce the fine detail in getting to the position and having a solid finish. The Rear Naked Choke is one of the fundamental submissions in our self defense curriculum..

Auckland Kids BJJ Rear Naked Choke, Strangle
Rear Naked  Choke

Our younger students will be working on opening the guard and passing using the double under guard pass.  We are building confidence with solid fundamental work for our Junior students.  To date we've covered grip breaking, mount escape and hip bump sweep.  More to come in the weeks ahead.  

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