Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Training Report - New Student!

Good day everyone

Today Olivia brought her friend along to class.  Livia did a fantastic job on her first day. We warmed up with some running and then moved onto the basic animals. We did the worm, frog jump, gorilla and elephant walk.

We went right into mount escape.  The girls worked very well together whilst drilling the mount escape.  The progress went so well that I was able to teach Livia the hip bump sweep.  This makes the drilling much more fun.  The mounted person sweeps and ends up in the guard.  the person in guard than hip bump sweeps.  This allows the drill to flow without having to take time to reset.

We did a little grip braking after drilling the mount.  The grip breaking techniques can't be practiced enough!

We finished with a good stretch to cool down.

On Livia's first day she learned:

Mount escape
Closed guard
Hip bump sweep
2 ways to break a grip

I'm reminded every class why I love teaching children BJJ.  The look on their faces when they see that they can do it and they realise how much fun they can have makes me proud to be their instructor.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Training Report

What a fantastic training session we all had today.  I to to thank both the parent helpers today.  I hope you guys enjoy helping the kids as much as I enjoy teaching them.  You're always welcome.

We reviewed 2 of our mount escape/sweeps.  After the review we worked on maintaining the mount position.  Everyone learned how to grapevine the legs and make themselves heavy by applying body weight and leverage.  After some intense drilling we moved onto a positional game.

King of the mat!  The person on the bottom had to escape the mount whilst the person on top had to progress to the high mount a demonstrate control of the person on the bottom.  The winner stays in for the next challenger.  I want to congratulate Olivia for escaping the mount of the older boys.  She showed us all that with proper technique and leverage a smaller person can overcome a bigger adversary.  Well done Olivia?

Auckland Kids BJJ

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Training Report:

Good day everyone.
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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Training Report

After working on turtle and back attack for the last two weeks we've moved on to working on the mount position.  today's class focused on mount escape.  Students reviewed the traditional trap and bridge technique.  Once we had the escape moving at a confident speed we moved to the next escape technique.

Everyone enjoyed working on the escape which starts by grabbing the top person's arm with 2 hands and pinning the arm to the belt of their opponent.  Then comes a simultaneous big push with the hands and hip escape which unsettles the top opponent.  The next step is to sweep under the leg of the opponent and get up and pass the guard.  Good work everyone!  See you next Tuesday.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Training Report:

Today we did an awesome warm up and stretch. We reviewed a few positions and then got onto our plan for the day. Aidan and I began working on a video demonstrating how to tie a Jiu Jitsu belt.  We think we captured some good footage.  Now the real work of narrating and editing the video.  Hopefully we will have it posted on our site in the near future.

That's all for now.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Training Report:

What a great class today.  We had 3 students return to training today.

We had a nice stretch in the beginning and our normal warm up to get focused.  We did a session of planking from our elbows and side planks.  After that we did a round of superman back exercises.  The core workout is so important for our Jiu Jitsu.

We learned and review turtle escape today and worked more on our Crucifix Choke.

Our younger students enjoyed riding the crazy horse which teaches them how to maintain the back attack position.  With a firm seat belt grip and strong hooks everyone was able to endure the ride.  Great work everyone!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Training Update:

Tuesdays class started out with a review of Saturdays techniques.  We went over the 2 sweeps form turtle position then we progressed to the Crucifix attack.  After reviewing the attack Aidan wanted to work on his signature Komodo Dragon choke.   We decided that using the knee pull to isolate the arm that we were doing in the Crucifix choke was a perfect technique to set on the Komodo Dragon choke.  It worked like a charm.

The new technique for the day was a different mount escape.  It involves using 2 hands on the opponents arm and hip escaping to catch the leg for a stand up.  It's really good to have 3 or more options to escape from being mounted.

The video below shows the escape we worked on today.  The others are good ones as well.  It's pretty cool that we have the same color mats as well as this professor.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Our first Saturday training! Training report.

What a great training session today.  I was super impressed with everybody's focus and enthusiasm to learn.

Today was all about turtle and back attack.  We worked on 2 sweeps from turtle position.  Everyone handled this movement very well.  The next step is to drill it faster to commit the sweep to muscle memory.  

Back attack is always a favorite!  We worked on our seat belt grip and setting hooks to maintain control.  We then progressed to the Crucifix Attack!  Everyone was able to perform the attack today.  I'm very happy that everyone is absorbing the basics as well as the higher level techniques. Well done everyone.

 Excited to get to work.

Ready to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

 Working on the forward roll.

Working on his forward roll

Working on his forward roll

Working on his forward roll

Working on his forward roll

Somebody loves back attack!

Enjoying learning back attack

Showing the sweep from turtle.

Experiencing a sweep from turtle position

Experiencing a sweep from turtle position

Experiencing a sweep from turtle position

Experiencing a sweep from turtle position

Experiencing a sweep from turtle position

The boys drilling the sweep.

Drilling a sweep from turtle position

Working on the turtle sweep motion.

Learning the first movements to sweep from turtle position

Having a go!

Trying the turtle position sweep for the first time

Next level for the older boys.
Working on the Crucifix Attack.

Crucifix Attack

Crucifix Attack

Getting a well earned stripe! 

Getting a stripe

Finishing up.

Finishing class

Friday, 3 November 2017

Auckland Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grand Opening

Auckland Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grand opening tomorrow 4/11 at 10am.  These are exciting times and I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. 

We will have a special visitor join us for class.

Make sure you have a good breakfast and a big drink of water at least an hour before coming to class.