Sunday, 14 January 2018

Saturday training update

Self defense is the focus for the next few weeks.  We worked on two break falls.  The first was the backward break fall (Ushiro Ukemi).  Everyone got the concept however we'll need to keep practicing to make it an automatic reflex. Next was the break fall to the side (Yoko Ukemi).  This one is a little trickier so we will be working on it more in the future.  The break falls are very important for our next phase of training.

We will be learning take downs in the next few weeks.  For those that want to compete, I will help students pick 3 of the take downs that work best for them and drill those consistently.

Break fall info:
Ukemi is one of the most important aspects of the martial arts and self-defense. It's also probably the most neglected.  Ukemi (breaking one’s fall) is the art of "taking it," the ability to fall, roll, or be forcefully thrown to the ground and get up unscathed.

Backward break fall
Ushiro Ukemi

 Forward break fall
Mae Ukemi

 Side break fall
Yoko Ukemi

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